Painting & Powder Coating

Before painting products, Formrite clean up workpieces via various finishing methods such as deburring and line graining, and/or Alocrom treatment. We also mask appropriate parts prior to painting to achive desired paint layouts.

Wet Spray Painting
Wet spray painting is ideal for workpieces which are unable to withstand the temperatures required during the powder coating process. Such workpieces include items made from plastics, fibreglass, MDF, Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and also electronics. This process provides a robust yet attractive looking finish to the job at hand, whilst able to use a wide range of RAL and BS colours.

Powder Coating
Powder coating is the application of powder paint via electrostatic attraction to workpieces made of metal. Once sprayed, the workpiece is cured in our 3 x 2 x 2 metre oven which produces a hard and smooth layer of skin. With powder coating, we can provide a fresh, constant and even supply of paint to the surface with no hassle. Powder coating also provides many advantages over wet spray painting. For example, up to 95% utilisation of raw material, short curing times in all weathers and conditions and it also does not contain any solvents. Therefore, no hazardous waste is produced during this process. One other advantage of using powder coating, is that it easily hides any cosmetic blemishes or imperfections caused during production, making it a highly reliable process.

All available colours are displayed on our colour chart PDFs in our Downloads section.