2 x Gema OptiFlex 2 Manual Powder Coating Guns
Formrite have invested in the latest Gema Powder Coating technology. Today we’re faced with the challenge of spraying a multitiude of colours and chemistries. The OptiFlex 2 gives us the power and control needed to achieve the best looking finish with any powder. This powder coating system produces a precise and constant supply of powder to the gun, resulting in a more uniform distribution of the coating thickness. Complex part geometries wont slow us down, as these powder coating guns simplify the coating of difficult shapes by applying the powder precisely where needed and in the most efficient way.

This technology also allows us to coat perfectly in both hot and cold, wet and dry conditons, which increases reliability.

Wet Spray Booth
Using traditional gravity fed DeVilbis spray guns, Formrite offer a vast range of wet spraying capabilities. These range from basic spraying through to aerospace standard finish and plastic coating.

Alocrom 1200 Tanks
Alocrom 1200 is a process that offers aluminium an iridescent protective finish. It helps to reduce the oxidation of  aluminium and can be applied as a pre-treatment for paint or stand alone service.